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Besides operating this store, Nobaloney is a distributor of functionel, innovative og well designed products which improve and help users, young as well as older  persons, to a healthier and happier everyday life. We offer wholesale of designs from innovative companies to the European market and distribute to among others grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, department- and design stores. Our partners and brands are carefully selected and several products in our range have received international design prizes.
If you want to retail or wholesale our products or if you have products that fit our design lines please contact us.
Read more about the manufacturers we represent on the BtB market by clicking in the BtB section at below link.

Contact Us

(000) 123.456.7890
(000) 123.456.7890

(000) 123.456.7890
(000) 123.456.7890

(000) 123.456.7890
(000) 123.456.7890

About Us

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