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Credit- and Debit Cards Accepted: You can pay for your products and services with the following cards: Dankort, VISA/Dankort, eDankort, Mastercard, Maestro , Visa, Visa Electron , JCB, American Express.

Secure Online Shop : You enter your card details via a secure and confidential connection managed by NETS (formerly PBS). The amount is deducted from your account once we have shipped - or you have picked up - your order. When you buy from Nobaloney ApS, you will receive an electronic invoice for your purchase. This invoice is your proof that you purchased the item at Nobaloney.dk.

There can only be deducted the amount you entered or less, except for a creditcard fee listed below,  - and only once. Funds are not withdrawn from your credit- or debit Cards before the goods are shipped.

There will be no charge if you with Dankort, VISA/Dankort or eDankort. There is however a fee for the Danish and foreign issued credit cards, according to general charges which corresponds exactly to the amount charged by Teller A/S (former PBS) and you can only see this amount of your order when you have chosen which card you want to pay with . Rates are for:

Danish issued credit cards :  1.25 %
Foreign issued debit cards :  1.25 %
Foreign issued credit cards : 3.75 %

It is perfectly safe to shop with cards with us in all communication between our payment System (Quickpay) and cardholder takes place via an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Only Teller A/S (PBS) that has access to these data regarding the payment. Neither Nobaloney ApS or any unauthorized persons are able to see the data exchanged.

How to Shop at Nobaloney ApS website

To make a purchase on nobaloney.dk you go through 5 steps.

1. Find the items you want, put them in the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout.

2. Enter your personal information.

3. Select shipping and payment method.

4. Accept our terms and conditions.

5. Check that all information is correct at the checkout page and hereafter confirm the purchase. 

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